Francisca Reyes Aquino | National Artist for Dance

francisca reyes aquino
Francisca Reyes Aquino | National Artist for Dance | NCCA


Today, November 21 is the 35th death anniversary of Francisca Reyes Aquino,
National Artist for Dance.


She was born on March 9, 1899 and she passed away on November 21, 1983.


Acknowledged as the Folk Dance Pioneer, this Bulakeña began her research on
folk dances in the 1920’s making trips to remote barrios in Central and
Northern Luzon.


Her research on the unrecorded forms of local celebration, ritual, and sport
resulted into a 1926 thesis titled “Philippine Folk Dances and Games,” and
arranged specifically for use by teachers and playground instructors in
public and private schools. NCCA

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