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GALURA • (guh-LOO-ra’)
(1) Kapampángan mythical giant eagle which lives at the peak of Mt. Arayat and spawns strong winds and typhoons
(2) a Kapampángan surname originating from the said mythological creature, notably borne by Kapampángan writer Felix Galura

From Sanskrit गरुड (garuḍá) “Garuda”, is a divine eagle-like sun bird and the king of birds in Hinduism.

In ancient Kapampangan mythology, typhoons are believed to be spawned by Galura (Garuda), a Kapampangan mythical creature which is a giant eagle who lives at the peak of Mount Arayat. He is the representative (alili) of the Kapampangan sun god. Apung Sinukuan, and the judge (ukum) of all souls in the afterlife.

Every year, Apung Sinukuan sends him to purify the land by bringing in strong winds from the Eastern Ocean. Kapampangans believe that the strong typhoon winds known as bagiu are spawned from the strong typhoon winds known as bagius (wings) of Apung Galura.

The Galura has been syncretized into Kapampangan folk Catholicism as Saint Michael the Archangel slays the serpent Lucifer which is depicted in protective talismans called cabal. The Garuda is often portrayed in Hindu and Buddhist iconography as standing over a slain nagaraja or King of the Nagas (Serpents