Gas Station Safety Tips You Need To Remember

To save lives, always remember these gas station safety tips:

  • No smoking
  • Filling on approved containers only
  • Cellphone off
  • No straddling while filling
  • Stop the engine while filling
gas station safety tips
Gas Station Safety Tips | Image Owner: DOE Philippines

As part of the Department of Energy’s E-Safety Mo Campaign, DOE Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi has underscored strict compliance with the posting of consumer safety and informational signs in gasoline stations stated under the Retail Rules for Liquid Fuels.

“To err on the side of caution is the prudent thing to do, thus the DOE urges full compliance by gasoline stations on the posting of these signs,” Cusi said.

“There’s science behind the informational signs and while there’s debate as to the true causes of such fire incidents in gas stations all over the world, it’s better to be safe than sorry,” Cusi added.

The DOE prohibits the conduct of the following acts within the vicinity of gasoline retail outlets: Gas Station Safety Tips

1. Smoking: The act of smoking, igniting cigarette lighters/matches, and throwing of lighted cigarettes are strictly prohibited in gasoline stations to prevent the start of fire where fuel vapors or fumes are present.

2. Running engine while filling: The vehicle engine should be shut off during fuel filling to prevent accidental ignition of fuel fumes. This will also prevent vehicles from being accidentally moved or driven off during the refueling process, thus will avoid fuel spills.

3. Using of cellular phones: The use of cellular phones is strictly prohibited to prevent accidental ignition of gas fumes caused by a small electric spark in some of the gadget’s parts.

4. Straddling while filling: This is to prevent oil spillage and possible motor start-up causing accidental ignition of gas fumes.

5. Inappropriate containers: Only approved and leak-proof fuel containers that are petroleum-grade and will not react with petroleum products are allowed to be filled up with fuels.

“These signs must be prominently displayed within the premises of gasoline stations for the awareness and information of the public and station personnel, ” Cusi pointed out.

The DOE chief urged the owners/operators of gasoline stations to ensure that these signs are strictly observed by their personnel before fueling vehicles.

Failure to comply with the DOE rules and regulations on safety would subject gasoline stations to appropriate sanctions. Grave offenses may lead to suspension or revocation of their business permit.

“We do not want such unsafe practices and negligence from both the business operators and the consumers to incur a loss of lives. Let’s all be safe and take necessary precautionary measures seriously,” Cusi said.

Republic Act No. 8479 or the “Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act of 1998” requires the DOE to promote fair trade practices in the liquid fuel retailing business, including quality and quantity of petroleum products, and ensuring safety from fire, danger, health, and environmental risks, among others.

For other information, queries, or concerns, the DOE asked the public to contact the DOE Consumer Welfare Office (Landline – ‎‎479 2900 local 329).

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