Globe Switch

What is Globe Switch?

Globe Switch is an application. You can download this application from the Google
Play Store.

You need an android phone to be able to make use of this application.

You can not use this application if your android operating system is version 4.0.

This application is currently not available for Apple Phone users.


What Does It Do?

This application’s main purpose is to save on mobile data usage and therefore save
you some money.

If you are using a Globe or Touch Mobile Prepaid sim card and wanted to save some money on your mobile data usage then this apps is good for you.

According To Globe Telecom, the developer of this application, Globe Switch is a
Globe-exclusive store that brings you mobile internet access to the most popular apps at the most affordable prices available. Useful control features keep you informed of your mobile internet usage, preventing unwanted charges, so you have full control of your budget. With Globe Switch, you can feel confident to explore a world of amazing deals on mobile internet access like never before.

1. Enjoy permanently FREE access to a selected group of apps and games

2. Spend less on internet access you don’t need – we offer low prices for access to apps  for 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week so you don’t have to pay for mobile internet that you don’t use

3. Discover great deals and discounts through our “Hot Deals” notifications – look out for our notifications on limited-time discounts of 50% on selected apps
4. Build the right mobile internet package for you – bundle mobile internet packages with voice and SMS to suit your needs

Data Control:
1. Manage your data usage through our control tab – give yourself full control of your data usage by switching off any apps from consuming data in our control tab

2. Never go over your internet budget again – we give you full visibility into where
your usage goes so you never have to worry about overcharges. In the usage tab, we analyze how much data and wifi your apps are consuming.

When A friend of mine downloaded this application from the Google Play Store,he was able to receive a free 500 megabytes of mobile data valid for 5 days. He was able to use it on his favorite game, clash of clans, at a very low cost.

I love online games and I love the clash of clans and the best thing I like about this
globe application is the fact that I pay 50 pesos for a 500 MB worth of mobile data
which I can use to play clash of clans for 1 week.

Globe Switch also offers 100 MB for the price of 10 pesos valid for 1 day.

Have you tried installing and using this application? Did you encounter any problem?

Let us know by making a comment below…

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