Globe DSL Plans

Globe DSL Plans offered by Globe runs through its network of phone cable.


Globe also offers internet plans that utilize its cellular network.


Globe Philippines call its DSL internet product as Tattoo Home Broadband.


Globe offers this internet plan to subscribers desiring a fast and consistent connection.


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You May Choose From These 4 Globe DSL Plans. It is a bundle with a telephone line. Internet service is delivered via cable.

A. Starter Plan Features:

1. P1,299 monthly service fee

2. 2 Mbps maximum speed

3. 50 GB monthly data


B.Avid Plan

1. Plan 1599

2. Plan 1888

Plan 1599 Features:

1. P1,599 monthly service fee

2. 5 Mbps maximum speed

3. 60 GB monthly data

Plan 1888 Features:

1. P1,888 monthly service fee

2. 7 Mbps maximum speed

3. 70 GB monthly data


C. Advanced Plan

1. Plan 2499

2. Plan 2999

Plan 2499 Features:

1. P2,499 monthly service fee

2. 10 Mbps maximum speed

3. 80 GB monthly data

Plan 2999 Features:

1. P2,999 monthly service fee

2. 15 Mbps maximum speed

3. 100 GB monthly data


D.Platinum Plan

1. Plan 3748

2. Plan 4999

3. Plan 6999

4. Plan 9999

Plan 3748 Features:

1. P3,748 monthly service fee

2. 25 Mbps maximum speed

3. Unlimited monthly data

Plan 4999 Features:

1. P4,999 monthly service fee

2. 50 Mbps maximum speed

3. Unlimited monthly data

Plan 6999 Features:

1. P6,999 monthly service fee

2. 100 Mbps speed

3. Unlimited monthly data

Plan 9999 Features:

1. P9,999 monthly service fee

2. 150 Mbps maximum speed

3. Unlimited monthly data


Globe DSL Plans Most Affordable is the Starter Plan.

For P1,299 Monthly Service Fee, These are what you get:

1. Internet speed of up to 3 Mbps

2. 50 GB of bandwidth or data transfer

3. Wi-Fi Modem

4. Telephone Line with unlimited call to Globe and  Touch Mobile

5. Globe to Globe landline NDD calls


Philippines Most Affordable DSL Internet


Globe DSL’ s main competition in delivering internet broadband service in the Philippines includes Smart DSL and Sky broadband.

There are other small internet providers in the provinces trying to compete with those 3 big internet service providers.

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