LBC Branch Bacoor City Robbed 3 Suspects Killed


LBC Branch Bacoor City Robbed by 3 unidentified suspects.


The LBC branch was engaged in its usual business as a courier

and remittance center when it was robbed.


Past 2 PM when the 3 unidentified persons entered the LBC

and announced the hold-up.


The robbers were able to get P10,000 pesos worth of money

and cellular phones and other personal properties of the



The robbery lasted for just 5 minutes after which the

robbers run away.


The LBC branch robbed is located in Barangay Molino 5 in

Bacoor City.


The robbed LBC branch employees immediately reported the

robbery to the police.


The Police immediately conducted a pursuit operation.


Two of the robbers were seen riding a motorcycle.


CCTV showed that the robbers went towards the direction

of Greatwoods subdivision in Molino 5.


The Police went to the area and searched the houses one by

one when they spotted the motorcycle used by the suspects

parked in an abandoned house.


The Police called the SWAT and the SWAT tried to talk the

suspects into surrendering but they shoot it out with the



The 3 unidentified robbers were killed in the shootout with the

members of the PNP .


Recovered from the 3 suspects is one caliber 38 revolver and

one caliber 45 pistol.


The suspects were long been suspected responsible for the

series of robbery and theft in the area.