Things An OFW Must Know About OEC Exemption

By | January 17, 2018

As part of the effort of the Administration of Philippine

President Duterte to expedite the processing of OEC of

Balik Manggagawa or vacationing OFWs, returning workers

who meet the requirements below are exempt from

acquiring an overseas employment certificate.


Before an ofw maybe exempt from oec, he/she must satisfy the

following requirements:


a. Must have an existing record in the poea database

b. Must be returning to the same employer

c. Must be returning to the same job site.


A returning ofw may avail of the oec exemption by registering through

the BM (Balik Manggagawa) online processing system.


Here is the link to the website where you need to register.


You should have an email address ready before hand.

You should also have a passport size picture duly scanned

or taken via digital camera or other means for upload.


You can get an email address for free from the following

email providers:







Remember this email address and keep the log-in details

in a secured place because this will serve as your

permanent log-in account. You can not change your email



You may contact the POEA system administrator in case you

forgot your email and password to your BM online account

at the following phone number:







Upon log-in into your BM online account, the system will

determine if you are exempted from securing oec.


Just remember this things when you avail of oec exemption.


1. log-in to the BM or Balik Manggagawa online system

through the following link this link

2. Fill up all the details required.

3. If the ofw is confirmed by the system as returning to

the same employer and job site, the system will indicate

that the worker is exempted from securing the oec as well

as payment of processing fee.


Here is a sample of an oec confirmation message

4. You may print the confirmation message for your personal copy but

you really do not need to because the BM exemption number is

electronically generated and transmitted electronically by the system

to the Bureau of Immigration. The immigration officer at the airport will

know through their computer that you are exempt from acquiring

the overseas employment certificate.


For those who are interested, the following categories of BM or

Balik Manggagawa workers are not exempted from acquiring oec.

1. Workers returning to different employer or job site

2. Watchlisted workers and or OFW with watchlisted employers

3. OFW returning to restricted or non compliant country

4. Workers without POEA records or discrepancy in their records

5. Undocumented workers like tourist turned OFW or Student turned OFW

6. Sea-based workers turned land-based workers


The above non exempt workers from oec are required to avail

themselves of the appointment service for regular processing of their

OECs at their preferred date and time at any of the POEA processing sites

within the Philippines and the Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLO) abroad.


Link: BM online Appointment Service

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