11 Things That Nobody Told You About Rodrigo Duterte

By | September 13, 2015

rodrigo duterte


Rodrigo Duterte is very much in the news these days. There is
a strong clamour for him to run as President of the Philippines
in the 2016 national elections. But how well do you know
Rodrigo Duterte aside from being the Mayor of Davao City?


Fact 1
He is a lawyer. He is an alumnus of San Beda College in
Manila where he obtained his law degree in 1972. He took the
Bar Exam the same year and passed.


Fact 2
He is a former Prosecutor or popularly known as Fiscal. A
Fiscal is a lawyer who conducts the case against a defendant
in a criminal court.


Fact 3
He was married twice. His first marriage was annulled. He was
married the first time to Elizabeth Abellana Zimmerman, a
flight stewardess who hails from Davao City of German American

Elizabeth  was married to the Mayor for 27 years.

Elizabeth Abellana Zimmerman is a product of the Catholic
Educational System. She attended Ateneo de Davao.

She has prominent mestiza features; her grandfather hailed
from Germany but migrated to the US.


She ran for councilor as Independent in Davao City in 2001
but failed to be elected.


Fact 4
He is in favor of the restoration of the death penalty. He
subscribed to the idea that death penalty is an effective
deterrent to crimes. Death penalty was abolished in 2006.


Fact 5
He favors a federal form of government. Federalism is a type of
government in which power is divided between a central national
government and local governments, thereby enhancing the autonomy
of local government units.


Fact 6
Rodrigo Duterte belongs to PDP-Laban and Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod,
which he formed as a local political group in the 1990s. It is
a registered political party.


Fact 7
Rodrigo Duterte’s father, Vicente Duterte was a Nacionalista
Party (NP) governor of the undivided Davao province during the
1950’s to 1960’s.


Fact 8
Rudy Duterte as he is sometimes called practices a frugal
lifestyle. He even drives an old Volkswagen vehicle aside from
the official government pickup which he use.


Fact 9
He sometimes drives a taxi about midnight to prowl the nooks and
cranny of Davao City hunting for criminals and when there is none
picks up helpless senior citizens and women with children stranded
in flood and deliver them safely to their homes.


Fact 10
He Introduced the concept of 911 in Davao City. Residents will
just dial 911 for any emergency situation that requires immediate
assistance from the police, fire department or ambulance.


Fact 11
Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is an avid motorcycle rider. He drives
a big bike.

4 thoughts on “11 Things That Nobody Told You About Rodrigo Duterte

  1. Buenaventura Buenaventura

    Would you be able to let presumptive President Duterte know my proposal, i.e. that he first aim to ensure that all Filipinos have 3 meals a day? Thank you for your kind attention.

  2. MooHeffer

    Wow. How embarrassing. So, the guy calls the Pope a son of a whore, jokes about a lay missionary from Australia being raped in a Manila prison, boasts that he must use Viagra, in order to have an erection, and threatens to have poor drug dealers and petty criminals killed by the police. What an old bag of fart. And you people elected him? Ha-ha-hah!

    1. Elpidio Tan

      Majority did but not all…. That is how desperately desperate we had become!


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