Pasa-Pasa Gang Strikes in NAIA

By | September 2, 2015


Pasa-Pasa Gang is an organized crime group in the Philippines.


This Gang recently gained nationwide attention when they were

caught via CCTV stealing from a store inside the Ninoy Aquino

International Airport NAIA) terminal 3.


The Modus Operandi or mode of operation of the gang is that

they use children to pass on the items they steal from the

store they victimize.


Pasa-Pasa Gang is smart. The Gang is aware of the law which

exempts children 15 years and below from criminal liability.


The Gang operates in groups of 4 or more person, majority of

which are children.


The Gang will enter the intended establishment or store to

victimize and look for a valuable item to steal. Once the

items were identified, One adult member of the gang will get

the item and surreptitiously pass it to one or more of the

children who instead of giving it to the cashier for payment

will bring it out of the establishment. This process is

repeated a few more times.


Pasa-Pasa Gang usually commits the crime of Theft.

This crime is usually punishable by imprisonment of 6 years

to 12 years if the value of the thing stolen does not exceed

20,000 pesos. The duration of imprisonment exceeds 12 years

if the value of the amount stolen exceeds 22,000 pesos.


Theft as a crime in the Philippines is generally committed by

any person who, with intent to gain but without violence against

or intimidation of persons nor force upon things, shall take

personal property of another without the latter’s consent.

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