Historic Churches of Manila (Outside Intramuros)

Historic Churches of Manila
Historic Churches of Manila | @rebirth.manila

Historic Churches of Manila (Outside Intramuros)
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The Walled City of Intramuros was a famous go-to location for the Visita Iglesia in the years before World War 2. Sadly, most of the famed Seven Major Churches were destroyed during the war. Luckily the tradition of Visita Iglesia in Intramuros has been revived starting in 2018 by opening several chapels in the area to the public.

However, outside the walled city, Manila still has many churches that a pilgrim could visit to fulfill this traditional act of penance. Here are some of the historic churches that can be found in the city of Manila.

  • Binondo Church
  • Ermita Church
  • Malate Church
  • Paco Church
  • Pandacan Church
  • St.Pancratius Chapel
  • San Miguel Church
  • San Sebastian Church
  • San Vicente de Paul Church
  • Santa Ana Church
  • Santa Cruz Church
  • Tondo Church
  • Twin Churches of Sampaloc (Loreto Church and San Antonio de Padua Shrine)
  • Quiapo Church

The Visita Iglesia:
A major tradition done by Catholics during the Holy Week is the Visita Iglesia, traditionally done during Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday. The Visita Iglesia or Seven Churches Visitation has its origin in Rome during the 1300s and was later popularized by San Felipe Neri in the 1500s. The tradition entails visiting seven important churches in Rome as a way of penance.

This tradition was carried to the Philippines by the Spaniards, where pilgrims would visit seven different churches and recite the Stations of the Cross in each church. The Visita Iglesia today is done during any day of the Holy Week.

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