Indigenous People of the Philippines

indigenous people of the philippines
Indigenous People of the Philippines | Image Source: @piadesk


According to the United Nations, there are approximately 400 million indigenous people worldwide, making up more than 5,000 distinct tribes. Together we are one of the largest minority groups in the world, spanning over 90 countries. While indigenous peoples total only about 6% of the world’s population, we represent 90% of cultural diversity.


Indigenous People of the Philippines


  • Igorot
  • Bontoc tribe
  • Ifugao
  • Kalinga
  • Balangao
  • Ibaloi
  • Sagada
  • Pugot
  • Apayao Isnag
  • Ga’dang
  • Ilongots
  • Aeta
  • Ata
  • Ivatan
  • Tagbanwa
  • Batak
  • Mangyan


  • Magahat
  • Sulodnon
  • Eskaya
  • Negritos
  • Karay-A
  • Suludnon


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