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What are you most hopeful for this year?

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The tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines, the Pampanga Eye, lights up to become the Biggest Lantern of Hope during the holiday season as Pampanga is known as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines and the home of the Giant Christmas Lanterns or parul.

KAPANÁYAN • (kuh-puh-NAH-yuhn)
Root Word: panáya “wait”
Synonym & Tagálog (Filipino): pag-ása

Root Word
PANÁYA • (puh-NAH-yuh)
(to) wait
Tagálog (Filipino): hintáy

Basic Verb Forms
Actor Focus:
MANÁYA • (muh-NAH-yuh)
to wait
Tagálog (Filipino): maghintáy

Object Focus:
PANÁYAN • (puh-NAH-yuhn)
to wait for someone/something
Tagálog (Filipino): hintayín

Verb Conjugation
manáya, mánáya, ménáya – to wait (Actor Focus)
panáyan, pánáyan, pénáya – to wait for someone/something (Object Focus)

Example Sentence
Mánáya ya ing kapanáyan. [Kap]
Naghíhintay ang pag-ása. [Tag]
Hope is waiting. [Eng]