Know the DFA Alert Levels

The DFA alert levels are assigned by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs to destinations which reflect how DFA evaluates the threats that travelers may face in a certain destination. These alert levels shed light on the risks that travelers and OFWs may potentially encounter at their country of destination or present whereabouts.

The DFA has four (4) alert levels namely.

Alert Level 1 (Precautionary Phase)
Alert Level 2 (Restriction Phase)
Alert Level 3 (Voluntary Repatriation Phase)
Alert Level 4 (Evacuation/Mandatory Repatriation)

Alert Level 1 – is the precautionary phase. It is issued when there are valid signs of internal disturbance, instability, and/or external threat to the host country.

Alert Level 2 – is the restriction phase. It is issued if there are real threats to the life, security, and property of Filipinos arising from internal disturbance, instability, or external threat.

Alert Level 3 – is the voluntary repatriation phase. It is issued when violent disturbances or external aggression occur in a limited area.

Alert Level 4 – is the evacuation/mandatory repatriation. It is issued when there is a large-scale internal conflict or full-blown external attack

What information does the DFA use to develop travel advisories?

The DFA uses a range of credible sources of information to craft travel advisories such as:

  • Reports from its Foreign Service Posts
  • Its analyses of common problems that Filipinos experience overseas
  • Information from other relevant government agencies
  • Media and open source reporting

How will I know when the travel advisory or alert levels have been updated?

Check DFA.GOV.PH to view updates on travel advisories.

The Department of Foreign Affairs raised the Alert Level III in Tripoli, Libya where a substantial number of Filipino OFWs are working. The DFA cited its obligation to ensure the safety and security of Filipino nationals.

Alert Level III will cover Tripoli and areas within a 100-kilometer radius of the capital. This alert level was issued on April 8, 2019.

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