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Last week was the peak of the hot dry summer season in the Philippines, and with a looming El Niño expected to come next month, here’s a Kapampángan word for the conditions associated with this season and climatic phenomenon.

LÁWÎ • (LAH-wee’)
drought; (to) dry up
Tagálog (Filipino): tagtuyót (drought), tuyót (dried up)

Verb Conjugation
lumáwî, láláwî, línáwî – for a drought to occur; to dry up (Actor Focus)
maláwî, malaláwî, méláwî – to get dried up, stricken by drought (Actor Focus)

Example Sentence
Méláwí la ring tanam ku. [Kap]
Natuyót ang mgá taním ko. [Tag]
My crops/plants got dried up/stricken by drought. [Eng]

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