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A solar eclipse will be visible in Southeast Asia & Australia today! In Kapampángan mythology, eclipses are caused by a monster that swallows the sun or moon, and a total eclipse means that famine is expected! How do you say ‘eclipse’ in your language?

LÁWÛ • (LAH-woo’)
Tagálog (Filipino): láhò (modern common usage: “disappear, fade”)

“Láwû” is cognate with Tagalog “láhò” which means “to vanish or fade” in common usage. They ultimately come from:

Sanskrit राहु (‪rāhú‬)
“Rahu, a snake demon that swallows the sun or the moon, causing eclipses”

Kapampángan Mythology
Láwû is a mythical bird-like dragon that swallows the sun or moon and causes eclipses. It is said that if Láwû swallows the sun or moon completely (a total eclipse), a famine is expected to occur. If the sun or moon was able to fight back and burst out of its stomach (a partial eclipse), then the famine will be prevented.

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