Lovi Poe Sheryl Cruz Expresses Support For Grace Poe

Lovi Poe, the daughter of the late King of Philippine movie Fernando Poe Jr. and Sheryl Cruz expresses their support for incumbent senator Grace Poe.

Lovi Poe is very impressed with her sister. She said that her sister’s intention to serve the Filipino people is genuine.

Lovi Poe said that people should not judge her sister as her sister’s intention to help and serve the people is true.

She advised her sister to continue the good works that she is doing and that do not mind those people who say bad things about her sister.

She further said that at the end of the day, she is the sister of the incumbent Senator Grace Poe and at the end of the day she is a Poe.

Senator Grace Poe’s residence in the Philippines is being questioned by congressman Toby Tiangco who said that in any event that the senator chooses to run as President that she is not qualified as the 10-year residence in the Philippines required by law is missing.

Senator Poe clearly and convincingly explained that she is a natural-born Filipino citizen and that she has been residing in the Philippines for more than 10 years.

The issue of Senator Grace Poe being adopted comes into an issue and the question of her true parents came out.

Sheryl Cruz on the other hand said that her family is now talking about politics and devising ways how they can help Senator Grace Poe, especially now that the next national election is fast approaching if and when Senator Grace Poe seeks a higher office.

Sheryl Cruz prefers that her cousin Senator Grace Poe seeks the Vice Presidential position.

Sheryl Cruz further said that it’s high time that there is a woman up there in a high position to represent women and woman’s rights.