Price Of Ginger More Expensive Than Chicken And Meat

By | June 6, 2015

price of ginger


The Price of ginger is now more expensive than chicken and meat.


The Price of ginger is now sold for P240 per kilo in the Mega

Q-Mart in Quezon City. It is more expensive than a kilo of meat

which cost between P185 and P190. It is even more expensive

than a kilo of chicken which cost between P140 and P150.


Consumers were surprised to know that the increase in price

was more than ordinary. Just the other day, the price of ginger

per kilo is just P150.


Consumers were forced to buy per piece and not per kilo.


Sellers were forced to sell by piece at a price of P5 to

allow those who can not afford to buy per kilo. They will

earn less with this but they said it is better than not

earning at all.


According to the sellers, they buy the Ginger from the

distributors at the price of P200 per kilo.


The Department of Agriculture is investigating the reason

for such an extreme increase in price.


Other Prices of Vegetable such as the following also increased:

Baguio Beans – P60 per kilo before, now P80

Tomatoes – P50 per kilo before, now P60

Cabbage – P50 per kilo before, now P60


If you remember last June 14, the prices of garlic also

increased significantly, the Department of Justice filed

cases against several persons for over pricing.

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