National Museum of the Philippines Logo

national museum of the philippines logo
National Museum of the Philippines Logo | @museumxstOries (Instagram)

National Museum of the Philippines Logo

“Pa” for Pamana: NM’s official logo

The National Museum’s logo is a stylized baybayin (Philippine script) of “pa”- the first syllable of “pamana” (heritage).

Baybayin is an alphasyllabary- uses consonant-vowel combinations- belonging to the family of the Brahmic scripts. It was widely used in Luzon and other parts of the Philippines prior to and during the 16th century before being replaced by the Latin alphabet during the Spanish colonization.

A few government agencies also have seals that include Baybayin such as the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

When you enter the National Museum of Fine Arts, there is a rendition of the script inside a stylized sun in the marble floor of the lobby.

This reminds the visitors of the vision of the National Museum- for Filipinos to have a deep sense of pride in their cultural heritage and identity, spark the spirit of nationalism and commitment to protect the Filipino legacy.

National Museum of Fine Arts has countless of stories. Visit soon when it re-opens.

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