Paco Railway Station

paco railway station
Paco Railway Station | @rebirth.manila

Paco Railway Station

Paco Station was the terminus of the Main South Line and the Cavite Line.

Built in 1914, the neoclassical station was designed by William Parsons, and was inspired by the Pennsylvania Station of New York City.

Damaged during World War 2, the station was repaired and used extensively during the postwar years.

Like most state railway properties, the station was sold in the 1900s and partially demolished to be replaced by a mall.

The ruins of the once grand Paco Station is now obscured by the concrete hulk of an elevated highway.

It is one of Manila’s endangered landmarks.

Paco Railway Station

Paco Station was the grand neoclassical terminus of the Main South Line. This monumental train station was sadly privatized and partially demolished in the 1990s to give way to a mall “development”. As a final insult, the ruined station is obscured today by the skyway project, a monument to the triumph of car-centric planning over railways.

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