Lepa is the lined boats you see on the shoreside beach of Tawi-Tawi. Lepa is the house boat used by the Sama Dilaut or Badjaw which serves as their house and mode of transportation. The Sama Dilaut (more often known as the Bajau or Bajau Laut) is one of the ethnic groups of Southeast … Read more

Payapang Daigdig

  Payapang Daigdig Ang gabi’y payapa Lahat ay tahimik Pati mga tala Sa bughaw na langit Kay hinhin ng hangin Waring umiibig Sa kapayapaan Ng buong daigdig     Peaceful World – 1946 Music – Felipe Padilla de Leon, National Artist for Music Lyrics – Eduardo de Leon and Brigido Batungbakal Payapang Daigdig is hailed … Read more

Drugs for diabetes,hypertension and high cholesterol now exempt from VAT

Find out the most commonly asked questions about VAT-exempt drugs for diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law. What are the benefits of TRAIN Law for people with diabetes, hypertension, (“high blood”), and high cholesterol? Beginning January 1, 2019, the sale of drugs against diabetes, hypertension, (“high … Read more

Gawad Julian Cruz Balmaseda

  The Julian Cruz Balmaseda Award is the highest recognition KWF (Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino) offers for the unique thesis and dissertation in science, mathematics, social sciences, and other related articles using Filipino language. Ang Gawad Julian Cruz Balmaseda ay ang pinakamataas na pagkilala na handog ng KWF  (Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino) para sa natatanging … Read more

Tropical Cyclone Warning System Signals (TCWS)

  Let’s familiarize ourselves with the Philippines’ tropical cyclone warning system signals. Through this, we can make the appropriate preparations whenever we are confronted with severe weather conditions. TCWS No.1 Wind impact: No to very light damage Expect impact of 30-60 kph winds in 36 hours Wave height: 1.25-4.0 meters TCWS No.2 Wind impact: Light … Read more