I am a Reservist

  I am a reservist I am a Reservist. I answered the call of my mother town. I am a Filipino. My mission as a Reservist is to help and fight for my motherland. I will fight for my nation. In any disaster or danger I face I will never leave my companions. I will … Read more

Philippine National Budget

Proposed Philippine National Budget for FY 2023 The proposed national budget for FY 2023 amounts to Php 5.268 trillion which is higher than this year’s budget (Php 5.024 trillion) by 4.9 percent and equivalent to 22.2 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). As the first full-year budget of the Marcos Jr. Administration, this will … Read more

Karoling (Pangangaroling)

Karoling (Pangangaroling) Pangangaroling is a traditional practice during the holidays wherein a group of children, family members, schoolmates, or an organization sings Christmas carols from house to house accompanied by or even without musical instruments. The said seasonal activity is one of the influences of Spain through the Roman Catholic Church considering the religious theme … Read more

Best Falls in Bohol

Best Falls in Bohol Camugao Falls in Balilihan Can-umantad Falls in Candijay Pahangog Twin Falls in Dimlao Pogow Falls in Garcia Hernandez Nature has its way of creating breathtaking sceneries. The way the water moves and contours landscapes triggering erosion as well as tectonic movements between hard and soft rocks institutes the formation of Waterfalls. … Read more

Baby Duero

Baby Duero This beautiful work of art by Bohol’s very own National Artist, Napoleon V. Abueva — the Baby Duero. Made of kamagong wood, this sculptural piece depicts the artist’s youngest child when he was still a baby. Although Napoleon Abueva had a very tough childhood when his family experienced persecution during World War II, … Read more