Tibig Tree

Tibig Tree | @DENROfficial via Photo Source: Co’s Digital Flora

Tibig Tree

Tibig (Ficus nota (Blanco) Merr.)

Did you know that the leaves of Tibig or Ficus nota can be cooked as vegetables? The fruits of Ficus nota can be eaten raw when ripe.

Did you know that fruits of Ficus nota can be eaten raw when ripe? Young leaves of F. nota can also be cooked as vegetables. Moreover, the water extracted from a standing tree can be drunk thrice for fever and applied to relieve muscle pain.

Tibig tree is an endemic tree that can grow from 4 to 8 meters tall. They can grow in forests and thickets at low elevations and can often be found along the streams.

Large dense clusters of round green or brownish fruits grow around its trunk and branches. These turn yellow, when ripe, and can be eaten raw, usually with sugar and cream, and the leaves can be eaten as vegetables.

It is harvested from the wild, not just for food, but also as a source of drinking water. In fact, drinkable water can be extracted from its freshly cut branch.

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