The Philippine crocodile

philippine crocodile
Philippine crocodile | @DENROfficial

The Philippine crocodile is a freshwater species endemic to the country. Found only in Luzon and Mindanao, some estimates suggest there are less than 140 left in the wild. While crocodiles have gotten a bad reputation for attacking people, they are in fact shy and will not attack unless provoked.

The Philippine crocodile is listed as critically endangered, but still faces many threats such as being hunted for its meat and skin or being killed because it’s seen as a danger to people and livestock.

How can you help to protect the Philippine crocodiles so that they remain wild and alive?

  • Learn more about the Philippine crocodile, you’ll discover there’s a lot more to love than fear about this incredible animal!
  • Remind your friends that the Philippine crocodile is protected under the Wildlife Law (RA 9147).
  • Think twice before buying goods and souvenirs made of crocodile leather, you could be buying an item that is illegal.
  • Support the work of local organizations that protect crocodiles like the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center @pwrcc2014 and the Mabuwaya Foundation @mabuwaya.

Let us protect our wildlife and their habitat!

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