Prices of Vegetables and Fish Went Up Due To Bad Weather

By | August 23, 2015

prices of vegetables


The Prices of Vegetables and Fish went up due to typhoon “Ineng”.

Price Hike in vegetables even increased by P70 pesos in the



Landslides in Northern Luzon such as in Baguio City made it

difficult for delivery trucks to reach Metro Manila.


The average prices of some vegetables in Mega Q-Mart in

Quezon City are as follows:

  • Repolyo/Cabbage – P70 per kilo before, Now P140
  • Carrots – P90 per kilo before, Now P130
  • Potato – P60 per kilo before, now P70
  • Broccoli – P80 per kilo before, Now P180
  • CauliFlower – P150 per kilo before, Now P200
  • Sayote/Christophine – P60 per kilo before, Now P80


Vegetable Sellers said that they do not order a lot of

supplies when the prices are up since a sudden drop in prices

will make them no profit.


Prices of Vegetables are not the only one that went up. Prices

of some common fish like “matambaka” went up to P120 pesos.

It use to be sold at P100 per kilo.


Prices of Fish and Prices of Vegetables went up but the

prices of meat like chicken, beef and pork stayed the same.


Prices of meat in Mega Q-Mart stayed the same at

  • P210 per kilo for “Liempo”
  • P190 per kilo for “Kasim, Pige, Porkchop”
  • P180 per kilo for “Pata”


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