Samarnon Humba

Samarnon Humba
Samarnon Humba |

What is the Samarnon humba?

There is a theory that the etymology of humba may have been derived from Hokkien term where “Hong” refers to the red-braising technique that yields a reddish-brown hue while “Ba,” means meat.

In the absence of refrigeration back then, pork belly has been the choice cut to render more fat – serving as natural preservatives while making the flavors potent.

It is beautifully braised with soy sauce, vinegar, kalamay, garlic, bay leaves, and peanuts. Every spoonful gives a punch of something salty, sour, and sweet. The skin is notched crisscross, reminiscent of a Christmas ham.

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Samar Humba (Video)

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