Sarung Banggi Festival

Sarung Banggi Festival
Sarung Banggi Festival | @grupokalinangan

In the fifth part of our Pistang Pamana series, in celebration of National Heritage Month, let’s take a trip to Sto. Domingo, Albay and join the celebration of the Sarung Banggi Festival!

The festival celebrates the cultural heritage of the town of Sto. Domingo, commemorates the contributions of Potenciano Valladolid Gregorio, known for his musical compositions.

The colorful and igniting festivity starts every 2nd week of May to commemorate the birth of the composer of the immortal love song Sarung Banggi, Potenciano V. Gregorio on May 19. The said festival was started in the year 2002 after Mayor Herbie B. Aguas signed Executive Proclamation No. 1 S.2002 on January 8, 2002.

Sarung Banggi Festival is known for the annual Parade of the Dancing Lights where every barangay showcases an impressive interpretation of the song, Sarung Banggi. Contingents parade their dazzling cultural presentations along with their Spanish-era portrayed costumes downtown after twilight. Thousands of tourists visit Sto. Domingo to witness this one-of-a-kind event.

For sure all the resorts and accommodations in the town will be fully booked so reserve your own as early as possible.

Flaunting the pride of Bicolana’s beauty, the search for the Sarung Banggi Festival Queen is back! Be amazed by the remarkable production and witness as we crown the 8th Queen of Sarung Banggi.

Another main event is set as the Potenciano wanna-be composers compete in the song festival!

Sarung Banggi Festival aims to preserve the culture and the arts of this small town in Albay and to celebrate the warmth and hospitality of its people. Tourists are welcomed by all the wonders of Sto. Domingo from waterfalls to black sand beaches, its historical and cultural landmarks, its intimacy with the Mayon Volcano Natural Park, and the savory of Domingueno’s authentic cuisines. All this conspires and gives tourists a perfect destination and a must-see place here in Albay!


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