Slingshot In The Philippines

Slingshot In The Philippines

Ron Lopez reported,

Arestado ang isang magkasintahan matapos mahuling naninirador ng mga tao sa kalsada sa Mandaluyong at Maynila; gamit nila ang tirador na gawa sa sanga at mga tinuping papel bilang bala.

slingshot in the philippines
Tirador (Slingshot)

A woman and a man believed to be lovers were arrested by the police after they were caught in flagrante delicto or in the act of slingshotting people walking in the street of Mandalayung City and Manila City.

The arrested couple used crumpled paper as a projectile. They are now under detention while their case is being investigated by the police.

Possession of a slingshot in the Philippines is not prohibited by national law. I am not aware of any local law (ordinance) passed by a local government unit making mere possession of a slingshot punishable by law.

But be aware that if you intentionally slingshot somebody and he is injured or incapacitated for labor from 1 to 9 days or requires medical attendance during the same period, you can be charged for the felony called slight physical injury.

This crime carries a penalty of imprisonment ranging from 1 day to 30 days.

If the slingshot victim suffers a greater injury, the imprisonment will be longer.

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