Laglag Taxi Driver Gang Members Arrested

By | November 5, 2015

laglag taxi driver


Laglag Taxi Driver Gang is a criminal syndicate operating in

Metro Manila.


The Modus Operandi of the gang is to wait for a taxi to

victimize. Once a particular taxi is determined, they will

flag it and ride on the taxi.


Once the taxi reached a less densely populated and dark area

with lots of possible exit points, the Laglag Taxi Driver Gang

members will announced the robbery or hold-up.


The Laglag Taxi Driver Gang members will order the driver to

get out of the taxi and drive the taxi to a certain place of

their choosing.


Just recently, a carjacked taxi was located with the help of

a CCTV. The CCTV showed a carjacked taxi parked by the

suspected Laglag Taxi Driver Gang at road 10 in Tondo,



Two suspects were seen getting out of the taxi.


Investigation by the police revealed that the taxi was

carjacked in Roosevelt Boulevard.


The suspects were identified by the Manila Police Department

Station 1 as Gregory Taburada who drove the taxi and Allan

Samson who rode at the back of the carjacked taxi.


The Manila Police Department conducted a hot pursuit

operation against the Laglag Taxi Driver Gang and they

were successfully arrested by the police early morning in a

place called Happyland.


The suspect Gregory admitted the crime and claimed that he

did it because he has no job.


The second suspect Allan said that he joined the gang because

of the same reason as Gregory.


An unlicensed local revolver, duck-tape, rope and shabu, a

prohibited drug were recovered from the suspects..


The arrested Laglag Taxi Driver Gang member will now be

delivered to the nearest police station or jail and will

be charged before the office of the prosecutor.

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