Fake Cedula or Community Tax Certificate sold in NBI?


The modus operandi of selling fake cedula or community tax certificate was discovered by the Manila Police District.

The act of selling fake cedula is being done even in front of government offices such as the NBI and the PRC.

The local government of Manila said that this fake cedula is being sold for (P50) fifty pesos each which is a big loss to the city’s income.

The first entrapment operation to catch those who are selling fake cedula was done at UN Avenue in front of the NBI headquarters where NBI clearance is issued.

The police officers dressed in civilian attire posed as a buyer of cedula or community tax certificate.

Once the marked money was received by the seller, the police officer buyer signaled the members of his team to make the arrest.

The supplier of the fake cedula was separately arrested near the main gate of the National Bureau of Investigation at Taft Avenue.

A separate buy-bust operation was conducted at Professional Regulation Commission at Morayta. One of those arrested pointed out the names and whereabouts of the other members of the group.

According to the Manila City Hall, instead of the City’s income increases, the fact is the opposite because of’ these fake cedulas.

What the buyers do not know is that the local government is vigilant in verifying the authenticity of the cedula they present especially for those who are applying for the health card.

Falsification of Public Documents and Estafa will be filed by the Police before the office of the Prosecutor.

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