Solenn Heussaff: Proud of her Performance in Flotsam

flotsam - solenn heussaff

Solemn Heussaff is very proud of her new movie Flotsam. Roco Nacino is also in this movie.

Solenn said that she is happy that she was given a movie that is different from her earlier movies.

Flotsam is a movie consisting of eight different classes of love stories that happened at a surfing destination in La Union.

Solemn Heussaff is a very busy star. After shooting Flotsam and the premier night finished, She is now busy taping the soap opera “Marimar”.

She is very excited about her character in the popular prime-time soap opera.

She said that her character is a dancer. She is a French Spanish educated woman who will help Marimar becomes someone else.

Solenn in preparation for her role in Marimar even enrolled in an aerial dancing class. She did this to be able to perform her role convincingly.

She admitted that the class was difficult and she felt a little dizzy every time. She practiced aerial dancing every morning for 2 hours.

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