What To Do If You Become A Victim of Laglag Bala?

laglag bala
Image Credit: ABS-CBN


I stumbled upon this infographic on facebook on what to do in

case you will become a victim of laglag bala in NAIA or other

Philippine airports.


What To Do If A Bullet Is Found Inside Your Bag?


Stay Calm

Firmly deny prior knowledge of the bullet.


Do Not Open Your bag unless

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  • Your Lawyer is present
  • Airport Police is present
  • Witnesses are present
  • Supervisor of the Security Personnel are Present



Seek Legal Counsel

You can seek free legal counsel at the Public Attorney’s

Office. You can call their hotlines at 929-9436 or 029-299-436


Inform Your Family

You must immediately tell your family and friends of your



Never Touch The Bullet/Cartridge

To prevent or avoid leaving your fingerprint on it.


Have Your Fingerprints Taken Only In Front of Your Lawyer and

Police officials.


Please take note that in case  your fingerprint is not found

on the bullet, charges may be filed against the airport



You will also be entitled to damages or financial compensation

for the disturbance and lost of time you incurred.


Airport authorities will also be liable to rebook your flight.