Tulang It was National Dragonfly Day a few days ago! How do you say “dragonfly” in your language? Did you know that the Kapampángan word for “dragonfly” is similar to the Malay/Indonesian word for “bone”? TULANG • (too-LUHNG)dragonflyTagálog (Filipino): tutubí Kapampángan:TULANG = dragonfly(Indonesian: capung, Malay: pepatung) Malay/Indonesian:TULANG = bone(Kapampángan: bútul) Derived TermsTULANG KARÁYUMdamselfly (literally, “needle … Read more


KABALEN • (kuh-buh-LEHN)townmate, fellow of the same homeland; a fellow KapampánganTagálog (Filipino): kababáyan The word “kabalén” (or commonly, “cabalen” in Spanish-based orthography) literally means “townmate” and is a term used by Kapampángans to refer to their fellow Kapampángans. It can also be used to endearingly address Kapampángans in general. It is equivalent to “kababáyan” in … Read more


Luwid Luid ya ing Pilipínas! Mabúhay ang Pilipínas! Long live the Philippines! LUID / LUWID • (loo-WID)longevity, conservation, prolongation;“Long live!”, an expression of praiseTagálog (Filipino): Mabúhay! (“Long Live!”, from búhay “life”) Kapampángan ExpressionLuid! [Kap]Mabuhay! [Tag]Long Live! [Eng]The Kapampángan word by itself is the root word for “longevity, conservation, prolongation” and is used as an expression … Read more


Pulayi The first Wednesday of June is Global Running Day! How do you say “run” in your language? PULAYÎ • (poo-luh-YEE’)a runTagálog (Filipino): takbó Verb Conjugationmulayî, múmulayî, mílayî – to run (Actor Focus)pumulayî, púpulayî, pínulayî – to run (Actor Focus)mamulayî, mamulayî, mémulayî – to run (Actor Focus)pulayan, pupulayan, pílayan – to run something or from … Read more


Salagubang June 7 is June Bug Day! What do you call this insect in your language? SALAGÚBANG • (suh-luh-GOO-buhng)June bug / June beetleTagálog (Filipino): salagúbang You may want to read: Salagintu