Another insect associated with June bugs is the salagintu or beetle with a metallic golden green color! Did you know that the Kapampangan flag (tricolor of red, yellow, and green) is sometimes called salagintû due to its resemblance to the colors of this beetle? SALAGINTÛ • (suh-luh-gin-TOO’)species of beetle known for its metallic golden-green colorRoot … Read more


Karayatmalatan It’s World Oceans Day! How do you say “ocean” in your language? KARAYATMALATAN • (kuh-ruh-yuht-muh-luh-TUHN)oceanTagálog (Filipino): karagatán Root Word/Phrase:DÁYAT MÁLAT • (DAH-yuht MAH-luht)sea (literally, “salty field”)Tagálog (Filipino): dágat Etymology & Tagalog ComparisonThe words dáyat and dágat are cognates between Kapampángan and Tagalog, respectively (from Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *daʀat “littoral sea”). However, the two evolved into different … Read more


Katulugnan It’s World Environment Day! This word isn’t as common as its synonym and also Tagálog word kapaligirán, although the derived word makapatúlug can be encountered in literature. KATULUGNAN • (kuh-too-loog-NUHN)surroundings, environs, environmentSynonym & Tagálog (Filipino): kapaligirán Root WordTÚLUG • (TOO-loog)(to) go around, surroundSynonym & Tagalog (Filipino): lígid, palígid False FriendsKapampángan:TÚLUG “go around, surround”(Synonym and … Read more


Gatal It was National Itch Day a few days ago! How do you say “itchy” in your language? GATAL • (guh-tuhl)itchTagálog (Filipino): katí Derived WordMAGATAL • (muh-guh-TUHL)itchyTagálog (Filipino): makatí Verb Conjugationmanggatal, mánggatal, ménggatal – to itch (Actor Focus)gatalan, gagatalan, gétalan – to scratch an itch (Object Focus) Example SentenceMánggatal ku king málan a ini. [Kap]Nangángati … Read more


Dulang It was International TableTop Day yesterday! Aside from “lamesa” which is the general and common Kapampángan word for “table”, “dulang” is another word that is rarely used now and specifically refers to low tables used for dining! DÚLANG • (DOO-luhng)low table for diningTagálog (Filipino): dúlang Verb Conjugationmagdúlang, mágdúlang, migdúlang – to eat on a … Read more