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It was Everything You Do Is Right Day yesterday! How do you say “correct, right” in your language?

USTU • (oos-TOO)
(1) correct, right, proper; (2) enough, exact
Common Colloquial Variant: istu
Tagálog (Filipino): támà (most common), wastó (more formal/literary, less common), hustó (“sufficient(ly), adequate(ly)”)

Common Kapampángan Expression:
Ustú na! / ‘Tú na! [Kap]
Támà na! [Tag]
Enough already! / That’s enough! / Stop it! [Eng]

From Spanish justo (“right, just; exactly”)

Example Sentence
Gáwan mu ing ustu. [Kap]
Gawín mo ang támà. [Tag]
Do the right thing. [Eng]

Verb Conjugation
iyustu, yuyustu, inustu – to correct something, make something right (Object Focus)

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