What is an Anahaw?

Anahaw | Image Source: pinterest.ph | dream-yard.com


Anahaw (Livistona rotundifolia) is a native palm with smooth leaves or a tree of wood and with leaves bent on the edges of branches.

It is considered the National Leaves of the Philippines.

The leaves of Anahaw are broad, round, and green. The leaves stalk are thorny and grow around its own body.

The leaves reach a height of 20 meters when it grows naturally on a range of terrain forest. But if it is in the garden or other artificial areas, it seems the growth in height and size of this palm are prevented.

The leaves of this palm tree can be used as a material for the roofing of huts.

Due to the shine and shape of its leaves, it also used as a decoration during a special occasion or celebration.

Its fruit is cooked like a vegetable and eaten. Its trunk or body is used as a floor of marine vessels or serves as the foundation of a house.

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