Who is the owner of Malabon Zoo?

Who is the owner of Malabon Zoo?

Manny Tangco is the owner of Malabon Zoo. The 63 years old zookeeper has been running the zoo for 30 years now.

Malabon Zoo owner Manny Tangco shows the condition of some animals on Wednesday, May 20, 2020. He said he has been using his own savings and money borrowed from his relatives to sustain the animals due to the community quarantine protocols which temporarily prohibit the operation of the zoo.

Tangco also asks for donations from the public to help fund the food supply of the animals.

You may send your donations through:
BPI checking account number: 4641-0003-32
Account name: Malabon Zoo Foundation

Contact number: 8361-3064

Source: The Philippine Star @PhilippineStar

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