13 Martyrs of Bagumbayan

13 martyrs of bagumbayan
13 Martyrs of Bagumbayan (Trece Martires De Bagumbayan) | @NHCPOfficial

13 Martyrs of Bagumbayan (Trece Martires De Bagumbayan)

Today, January 11, 2021, is the 124th anniversary of the 13 Martyrs of Bagumbayan. These leading Filipinos were accused of complicity in the Revolution vs. Spain. Many were Masons, supporters of the Propaganda Movement, and members of La Liga Filipina.

13 patriots were executed by the Spanish authorities on January 11, 1897. Ten were masons, namely:

  1. Numeriano Adriano,
  2. Jose Dizon,
  3. Domingo Franco,
  4. Eustacio Manalac,
  5. Geronimo Cristobal Medina,
  6. Ramon Padilla,
  7. Antonio Salazar,
  8. Moises Salvador,
  9. Luis Enciso Villareal, and
  10. Faustino Villaruel.
  11. Benedicto Nijaga,
  12. Braulio Rivera and
  13. Francisco L. Roxas died with them. All were patriots.

The 13 paid the highest price possible for the freedom and independence of their country having perished for so great a cause, they deserve to live on in the hearts of their grateful countrymen.

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