Arturo M. Tolentino

Arturo M. Tolentino
Arturo M. Tolentino | @pia_ev

Arturo M. Tolentino (September 19, 1910 – August 2, 2004)

Former Senate President Arturo M. Tolentino was a self-made man. The track record in both the academe and in public service of this scholar, writer, diplomat, and distinguished author of law books earned respect not only for his extemporaneous amendments to major measures and enlightened brand of politics but also for being a man of integrity and high principles.

He was the Senate President from January 17, 1966, until January 26, 1967.

Today, we commemorate the death of the 1934 Inter-Collegiate Oratorical Champion of the Philippines and bar topnotcher who came from humble parentage but nevertheless secured the government’s responsibility to the rules of law in good hands.

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