“Bao” The Unbowed Carabao

bao the unbowed carabao
“Bao” The Unbowed Carabao | Image Source: nguadalquiver

The above mosaic is the masterpiece of mosaic artist Lisa de Leon-Zayco and sculptor Rafael ‘Paeng’ Paderna (both Negrenses), which is now displayed on the grounds of The Negros Museum in Bacolod City. It was unveiled in April 2019.

The Two Negrense artists collaborated to pay homage and create a masterpiece entitled,  “Bao: The Unbowed Carabao’, highlighting its significance to the sugar industry as an agricultural heritage of Negros, now on display at The Negros Museum in Bacolod City

The mosaic on the 5-ton carabao sculpture depicts the story of Negros sugar.

The inscription reads:


The Unbowed Carabao

28 April 2019

An artistic collaboration of
Mosaic Artist Lisa de Leon-Zayco
and Sculptor Rafael “Paeng” Paderna

A Tribute to the spirit of Visayan artists by
Angelica Urra Berrie

“The narrative of survival through
economic, political, and social turmoil
in the sugar industry is a tale of
endurance and resilience
visualized through delicate mosaics
overlaid on a five-ton creature
born from our Filipino imagination.”

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