Who is Dr. Agnes C. Rola?

agnes c rola
Who is Dr. Agnes C. Rola? | Image Source: @nastphl

Let us meet the outstanding members of the National Academy of Science and Technology Philippines (NAST PHL).

Dr. Agnes C. Rola is known for her important contributions to the field of agricultural economics. Among his important contributions was her study of the framework to determine the external factors involved in agricultural production.

Her study has resulted in a policy change regarding the regulation of toxic pesticides and the use of integrated pest management. The result of her studies at the Farmer Field School (FFS) was the basis of the World Bank for FFS.

Her study also provided water policies that help manage the natural resources of various communities.

She served as a research associate and professor at the University of the Philippines (UP) Los Banos and also served as dean of the College of Public Affairs and Development from 2006 to 2012.

She is a member of the Philippine Agricultural Economics and Development Association (PAEDA), East Asian Economics Association, International Association of Agricultural Economists, UP Los Banos Foundation, Inc. and has been one of the Global Authors of the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development.

She was awarded PAEDA’s Best Contributed Paper Award in 2004, Achievement Award by the National Research Council of the Philippines, and Zayed International Prize for the Environment in 2005. Outstanding Book Award by NAST PHL and Best Paper Award by the Commission on Higher Education in 2007, and UP System Productivity Award in UP System in 2010.

Agnes  Rola completed her Bachelor of Science in Statistics (1974) at UP Diliman, Master of Science in Agricultural Economics (1978) at UP Los Banos, and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics (1985) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

She was elected a member of the NAST PHL in 2011.

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