On this day, May 4

May 4, 2019

On this day, May 4, 2019, we celebrate 68 years of the establishment of formal diplomatic relations between the Philippines and the Holy See.

The Philippines established diplomatic relations with the Holy See on May 4, 1951.

With around 3,440 Filipinos in Vatican City as of December 2017, the Philippines has an
Embassy in the Vatican. (DFA)

May 4, 2019

On this day, Former House Speaker Prospero Nograles has passed away, his son, Cabinet Secretary Karlo Alexei Nograles said on Saturday. He was 71.

Born in Davao City, Nograles studied at the Ateneo de Manila University, obtaining his Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Political Science in 1967, and his Bachelor of Laws degree from the Ateneo de Manila Law School in 1971.

He placed second in the 1971 Bar examinations and successfully ran for a congressional seat five times, representing the first district of Davao City. (PNA)


On this day, in 1902, news of Macabebe Marie’s death was received “in a letter from an officer at Luzon” and was subsequently sent out to various newspapers in the U.S.

Macabebe Marie was the alias of a fearless Filipina warrior who came to be known as one of the Philippine-American War’s most formidable spies.(filipiknow.net)

She served as a Captain in Aguinaldo’s army and became adept at ambushing American soldiers. However, a sudden turn of events pushed the brave woman to leave the Philippine army and pledge allegiance to the United States of America.


On this, May 4, day in 1897, the trial of Andres Bonifacio by the Council of War began. This reduced the death penalty to him and his brother Procopio.


On this day, the Municipality of Ilagan was founded in 1686. Officially the City of Ilagan, is a 1st class city and capital of the province of Isabela, Philippines.