Carlos “Botong” V. Francisco | National Artist for Painting

Today is the 106th birth anniversary of Carlos “Botong” V. Francisco,
National Artist for Painting.

Carlos "Botong" V. Francisco
Carlos “Botong” V. Francisco | NCCA

Carlos “Botong” V. Francisco, national artist for painting was born on November
4, 1912 and passed away on March 31, 1969.


Carlos V. Francisco, the poet of Angono, single-handedly revived the forgotten
art of mural and remained its most distinguished practitioner for nearly three


Botong’s unerring eye for composition, the lush tropical sense of color and an
abiding faith in the folk values typified by the townspeople of Angono became
the hallmark of his art.


His other major works include the following:

  • Portrait of Purita,
  • The Invasion of Limahong,
  • Serenade,
  • Muslim Betrothal,
  • Blood Compact,
  • First Mass at Limasawa,
  • The Martyrdom of Rizal,
  • Bayanihan,
  • Magpupukot,
  • Fiesta,
  • Bayanihan sa Bukid,
  • Sandugo.

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