Comelec Voter Registration Announced

The Comelec voter registration kicked off yesterday July 2, 2018! This round of voter
registration will run for 3 months, until September 29, 2018.


Please go to your local COMELEC office to register, from Mondays to Saturdays,
8 AM to 5 PM. Bring any valid ID.


The announced comelec voter registration is for the upcoming May 13, 2019
National and Local election.

comelec voter registration
Comelec Voter Registration | Image Owner: Comelec


The commission on election voter registration will run from July 2, 2018 until
September 29, 2018.


It is the duty of the COMELEC to conduct regular voter registration in order to
enfranchise and enlist qualified voters nationwide, with the exception of Marawi
City, Lanao del Sur in light of the current situation in the area.(June 19,2018 Comelec
Press Release)


Applications for new registration,transfer/transfer with reactivation, reactivation,
change/change correction of entry and inclusion/reinstatement of records in the list
of voters shall be accepted.


Applications shall be personally filed at the offices of the election officer of the
city/district/municipality where the applicant resides.


The Comelec will also conduct satellite registrations during this period, wherein
field officials go to barangay,public plazas,schools and other public places to
register voters. In such off-site registrations, preference shall be given to members
of the vulnerable sector such as indigenous people, senior citizens and pregnant