Difference of Modified ECQ/GCQ

Difference of Modified ECQ/GCQ

Modified ECQ, Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ)

  • Limited movement within zone for obtaining essential services and work
  • Operation of selected manufacturing and processing plants to maximum of 50% workforce
  • Limited transporting services for essential goods and services
  • Suspension of physical classes

Enhanced Community Quarantine

  • No movement regardless of age and health status.
  • Minimal economic activity except for utility services (ex. food, power, water, etc.) and critical economic sector.
  • No transportation activity except for utility services.
  • Suspension of physical classes.

Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ)

  • Permissive socio-economic activities with minimum public health standards.

General Community Quarantine (GCQ)

  • Limited movement to services and work within buffer zone (BZ) and outside buffer zone (OBZ).
  • Operation of government offices and industries up to maximum of 75% workforce.
  • Limited transporting services to support government and private operations.
  • Flexible learning arrangements operation at limited capacities to cater to students.

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