Filipino sign language bill approved on 3rd reading

By | August 28, 2018

Senator Loren Legarda is elated to know that the Filipino Sign Language bill has
been approved on 3rd reading.


As one of its authors, this measure will build a more inclusive Philippine society,
providing better access to government services, info and education for our
deaf community.


Learning a new language opens us to new experiences and makes us understand other
cultures. It is our gateway to new ideas, new perspectives, and new horizons.


Learning is indeed a lifelong experience; and it is never late to learn a new language.


Third reading by the way simply means that only the title is read, no amendments
are allowed. Vote shall be taken immediately thereafter and the yeas and nays entered
in the journal.


Then, the bill is printed as finally approved by the congress, authenticated with
the signatures of the Senate President or the Speaker and the Secretary and
approved by the President.


Then, the President of the Philippines will approve the bill, or veto the bill,or do


I hope this Filipino Sign Language Bill will soon become a law.

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