Gerardo de Leon

Gerardo de Leon
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Gerardo de Leon (September 12, 1913 – July 25, 1981)

Gerardo De Leon composed pieces that served as musical accompaniment to silent films. These films served as his training ground for film production because the pictures told the story.

Among his many works are the films

  1. “Daigdig ng Mga Api,”
  2. Noli Me Tangere,”
  3. El Filibusterismo,”
  4. Sisa,”
  5. “Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo,”
  6. “Dyesebel,”
  7. “The Gold Bikini,”
  8. “Banaue,”
  9. “The Brides of Blood Island,”
  10. “Ama’t Anak,” and
  11. “Ang Maestra,” which he produced.

Today is the 109th birth anniversary of Gerardo “Gerry” de Leon, National Artist for Film.

Gerardo “Gerry” De Leon, film director, belongs to the Ilagan clan and as such grew up in an atmosphere rich in theater. Significantly, De Leon’s first job — while still in high school — was as a piano player at Cine Moderno in Quiapo playing the musical accompaniment to the silent films that were being shown at that time. The silent movies served as De Leon’s “very good” training ground because the pictures told the story. Though he finished medicine, his practice did not last long because he found himself “too compassionate” to be one, this aside from the lure of the movies. His first directorial job was “Ama’t Anak” in which he directed himself and his brother Tito Arevalo. The movie got good reviews. De Leon’s biggest pre-war hit was “Ang Maestra” which starred Rogelio de la Rosa and Rosa del Rosario with the still unknown Eddie Romero as writer.

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