Illegal Excavation In Antipolo City Discovered

By | June 16, 2015


An illegal excavation was discovered in a house in



The excavation was discovered by the neighbors of the

house from where the illegal excavation is being



The house from where the illegal excavation is being done

is located in Sitio Tanza Uno Barangay San Jose in Antipolo



The Leomera family which discovered the illegal excavation

complained that their neighbor Flor Salvador has been

conducting the illegal excavation for 3 months.


The Complainant said that there is a tendency that their

house might collapse when rain time comes because the soil

will become soft.


The Complainant has reasonable ground to believe that their

house might collapse because the illegal excavation of

their neighbors detoured under their house.


The excavated hole were discovered to be 10 feet deep straight

down and then tunneled towards the house of the complainants.


The alleged illegal excavation being conducted day and night

is in search of gold or treasure hunting.


The Complainant said that the illegal excavators have some kind

of a gadget which tell them the location of the treasure.


The Complainant already went to the Department of Environment

and Natural Resources (DENR) to report the excavation last

April 4.


In an inspection made by the Department of Environment and

Natural Resources in April 5, Aguinaldo Lugayan, the DENR

forester in Region IV-A said that if the excavation being

done is a deep well, the excavation must go straight below the

ground but their is an indication that the illegal excavators

are looking for somethings else.


It was discovered that the excavation being done was made

without a permit.


Any excavation to be valid, the barangay where the excavation

will be done must approve it. A clearance should also be

obtained from the local government concerned. An excavation

clearance or permit is also required to be obtained from

the DENR.

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