Ladislao Diwa

ladislao diwa
Ladislao Diwa | Image Credit: @lahi_PH

Ladislao Diwa is a lawyer, patriot, and teacher. He co-founded the Katipunan together with Andres Bonifacio, Teodoro Plata, Valentin Diaz, Deodato Arellano, and two others.

Katipunan was established on the evening of 7 July 1892 after the arrest and exile of Jose Rizal was announced.

The Katipunan is a secret organization to overthrow the foreign government (Spain). It gradually spread to towns around Manila and had branches up to Ilocos in the north, Bicol Region, Aklan, Cebu, Palawan, and even Mindanao before being discovered in August 1896.

The 1896 Revolution was the national rebellion of the Filipinos against Spanish colonialism and broke out in August 1896 under the leadership of the Katipunan.

He was born on June 27, 1863, and passed away on March 12, 1930.

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