Luisito Espinosa Attained Justice At Last

By | June 18, 2015


Luisito Espinosa attained justice at last when the Court of

Appeals ordered that the heirs of his promoter in his 1997

title fight pay.


After 21 years of boxing career, Luisito Espinosa failed

to save enough for his daily living expenses.


He ended his career in the year 2005.


The sad part of his career was when his promoter did not pay

him in his title fight defense in Coronadal in 1997 against

Carlos Rios.


Luisito Espinosa fought for nothing even if he was able to

successfully defended his WBC featherweight belt.


10 years past after that fight, Luisito Espinosa was seen in

California who was accommodated by a good Filipino.


He was working for a big California retail store. He work as

a helper piling up carton boxes.


To earn additional income, he also worked as a private boxing



When his visa expired, he went to Hongkong and worked there

as a boxing trainer.


Then came the good news. The Court of Appeals ordered recently

that the heirs of his promoter Rodolfo Nazario pay him the

amount of 130,000 US Dollars. Aside from the principal amount,

the promoter’s heirs was also ordered to pay the accumulated

interest amounting to 70 million pesos.


Rodolfo Nazario acted as Luisito Espinosa’s promoter in his

1997 fight.


After the series of hardship suffered by Luisito Espinosa,

The money supposedly earned by him in 1997 will now bring

him a comfortable life.


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