Maniwaya Island: Hidden Gem in Marinduque

maniwaya island
Maniwaya Island: Hidden Gem in Marinduque | Lahi


Maniwaya Island has creamy white sand. While there, you can do island hopping or breakfast in the sandbar and many more activities. Activities may include:

  • Visiting the Palad Sand Bar and Ungab Cave
  • Snorkeling
  • Various water activities such as kayaking, jet-skiing, and paddleboarding
  • Sunset watching

A budget of Php3,000 for an overnight stay will be enough.

Travel time to General Luna Port in Quezon is about 5 hours and from there to the island is about 1 hour.

If you are in Alabang or Buendia, ride a bus to Lucena and get off at the Grand Terminal (2-3.5 hours, depending on traffic and how crazy your bus driver is). Then get on a van to General Luna (2 hours). You’ll be dropped off next to the market where you can have breakfast or buy food supplies.

From the port in General Luna, take the motorboat to Maniwaya Island (1 hour, depending on sea condition). You might need to take a tricycle ride to where your motorboat is waiting, depending on where it’s docked.

Maniwaya Island Accommodation

There are a few resorts in Maniwaya Island, and the most popular one is Wawie’s Beach Resort. It’s the default choice for backpackers.(taraletsanywhere)

The space for camping tents is huge and it’s easy to choose a spot facing the beach. There are outdoor cottages where guests eat and hang out and there’s a kitchen area that’s available for everyone. The staff here is very helpful and friendly, and you can approach them anytime.


Maniwaya Island Resort Rates

If you are on a budget, you can bring your own tents and then rent an outdoor cottage where you can eat. Wawie’s Beach Resort also offers rooms.

The entrance fee is Php50, tent fee if you bring your own is Php300. and if you prefer a cottage, it will cost you Php1,000 for an overnight stay.

Aside from Wawie’s Beach Resort, other popular places to stay are in Playa Amara, Marikit na Beach House, and Residencia de Palo Maria.

Playa Amara is a family-owned resort with modern amenities and glamorous cottages. You may inquire about rates and accommodation at +6392136939.

Marikit na Beach House is a beachfront resort with a right touch of cozy and luxury. You may inquire about this resort at +639278789782.

Residencia De Palo Maria also front the beach with a swimming pool and lush garden. You may contact this resort at +63919237633, +639228670312 and +639179540495.(awanderfulsole)